About Us

* We Pride ourselves on giving you the very best Product available. We only use 100% American made Products! Twitchell & Phifer Solar Screen, Insect Screen, and Pet Screen. Our Marine Screen is Phifer Material.

About Us

In 2014, after one of the largest Window Screen Companies in America went away, we where asked to expand our Company from only servicing the Houston, TX area to covering the entire Country. Thus Window Screen Manufactures was born.

After lot’s of research, Veronica, the owner, came to the realization that Window Screens just cost way to much. So she decided to sell screens at a price no one can beat, she would rather sell 100 screens a day and keep the Employee’s busy than sell a few dozen and have to shrink our work staff.

We only carry and use 100% American made products. If you spend a few minutes and look around, you will find that we sell this product for 30%-90% cheaper! It’s the same product! Our screens come to you fully assembled and ready to be installed.

Meet the crew:

Veronica- Owner of WSM/ Customer Service

Sommer- Customer Service

Sabrina- Customer Service

Chuck- Warehouse Manager

Kristopher- Fabrication

Benjamin- Fabrication

Anthony- Fabrication

Brandi- Fabrication

Randy- Outside Sales/ IT Director